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  • SNMP Bandwidth Monitoring with Node-Red

    This is an example of how to monitor the bandwidth usage of a firewall. The data is queried via SNMP from the firewall and visualized via Node-Red. Firewall System in this case is an OPNSense. The background: On Linux systems you can’t query utilization via SNMP. You can just query the number of octets transmitted […]

  • OPNSense / pfSense High Availability

    If you have problems with High Availability, CARP and DHCP failover on pfSense or OPNSense, you should check that the interfaces on both systems are the same. It is not the freely assigned interface name that counts, but the names that the system assigned during the initial setup (OPT1, OPT2, and so on). So, if […]

  • Monitoring PV energy generation, consumption, import and export

    Since 2013 we have a photovoltaic system with 5.2kWp on our houses roof. In combination with the SMA inverter it was not a big deal to monitor the PV output. There is a webpage of SMA where you can see the outputs for every day, month and year. The inverter itself sends the data to […]

  • Shuttle DS57U Network Performance Tests with iperf

    Did some network performance tests with my new Shuttle DS57U. I installed the actual IP Fire 2.17 Core Update 89 on a 16GB SDHC Card, connected the Intel i211 NIC to internal (green) interface and the Intel i218LM NIC to the external, red Interface. I also started the OpenVPN Server on the external Interface. Here are […]

  • proFTPd – 530 Login incorrect

    If you get an 530 Login incorrect when trying to login to your newly installed proFTP Server, then you should check the following: Did you use the „adduser“ dialog to create your FTP user (instead of useradd -p) Did you configure a „RequireValidShell off“ at the end of your proftpd.conf file?

  • LDAP, PEAP, Cisco ACS and BYOD

    BYOD, LDAP and PEAP is a nice combo. Trying to implement this was a little bit tricky. Here are some hints: 1. If you use an LDAP like OpenLDAP oder Lotus Notes LDAP, then you must use PEAP-GTC as authentication protocol. MSChap won’t work! 2. With an Apple iOS you cannot configure which phase2 authentication […]

  • Cloudstation in DSM4.2 with Active Directory Integration

    I tested Cloudstation on my Synology DS212+ last week. But without AD Integration it was not usefull for me. So I installed latest 4.2 Beta and noticed, that you can also add Active Directory users. In 4.1 you are limited to internal users. Thats really great news for a lot of people out there using […]

  • Cisco Secure ACS % Repository not found

    If you are wondering about an error message like „Repository not found“ while trying to patch a Cisco Secure ACS System, just check if the replication status of the ACS Instance is in „updated“ and not in „pending“ or „unknown“. You can only apply a patch if the instance is in „updated“ state. acs-1/admin# show repository […]