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  • LDAP, PEAP, Cisco ACS and BYOD

    BYOD, LDAP and PEAP is a nice combo. Trying to implement this was a little bit tricky. Here are some hints: 1. If you use an LDAP like OpenLDAP oder Lotus Notes LDAP, then you must use PEAP-GTC as authentication protocol. MSChap won’t work! 2. With an Apple iOS you cannot configure which phase2 authentication […]

  • Cisco Secure ACS % Repository not found

    If you are wondering about an error message like „Repository not found“ while trying to patch a Cisco Secure ACS System, just check if the replication status of the ACS Instance is in „updated“ and not in „pending“ or „unknown“. You can only apply a patch if the instance is in „updated“ state. acs-1/admin# show repository […]